Eindhoven-based Design Studio strikes again with ear- and eye-catching World Cup items

BIGBANG International gets the Brazilian soccer party started

The 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil is guaranteed to become an unforgettable happening of soccer … and rhythm. BIGBANG International, the Eindhoven based design studio behind promotional successes as the vuvuzela and Jupiler Alphorn, has designed two unique World Cup items that are bound to rock the world with an irresistible Brazilian beat. Get ready for the Caxixi (Caxirola) and the Apito (Pedhua).

Even though the kick-off of the World Cup in Brazil is still a year ahead of us, BIGBANG is already more than ready for the big event. Commercial Director Francois Verhoeven: ”Just as with the winning vuvuzela at the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South-Africa, we started early as possible with our thorough search for the must have items for Brasil 2014. Items that must be more than merely fun gadgets; they also have to embody a strong connection with culture and customs of the host country.” This search came to a successful end with BIGBANG’s unique take on two of Brazil’s hottest and loudest instruments: the Caxixi (Caxirola) and the Apito (Pedhua).

Authentic Brazilian instruments, Dutch twist

“The Caxixi (Caxirola) is our samba-ball and the Apito (Pedhua) our three-toned samba-whistle. Both are designed by our in-house engineering and design department”, explains Creative Director Serge de Warrimont. “The original versions are huge hits in Brazilian stadiums. We are proud to be the first company to bring these eye- and ear-catching items to the soccer fans of Europe. Both are authentic Brazilian musical instruments, improved with our smart twists. The Caxixi (Caxirola) is fitted with a special structure, creating an even more powerful sound. The Apito (Pedhua) has a unique resonance box, giving the instrument the purest three tones possible. Now, Europe too can make some real Brazilian rhythmic noise!”

Both the Caxixi (Caxirola) and the Apito (Pedhua) are currently being produced at BIGBANG’s production location in China. Verhoeven: “Production is almost finished and we are ready for the first orders. As always, we can customize the items with the logos of our clients and also the products are available in a range of six colours.” Rumour around the brand once again can be taken literally.

Preferred supplier for Coca Cola and Brahma

Next to producing these two undoubtedly big sellers, BIGBANG International is also preferred supplier for Coca Cola and for Brazil’s main beer brand Brahma, both official sponsors of the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil. De Warrimont: “Coca Cola has been faithful to us and our products since the UEFA World Cup of 2006 and now we are also embraced by Brahma. A great accomplishment. The products we’ll be making for their contribution to the Brazilian sportive festivities are still top secret, but rest assure that they will also create a BIG BANG!”

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