BIGBANG International is the creative force behind strong, innovative brands. Be it in the world of sports, in the realm of the working space or in the territory of lifestyle: these brands always have a winning and original attitude. An attitude made for success.


Your work space deserves to look just as professional as you are. Get that executive look with Cenatron. The stylish, aluminum-based tools for life of Cenatron, make the life of every executive working with smartphone, tablet, laptop and desktop so much more organized. Cenatron offers smart solutions to everyday challenges at the office or on the road. While you manage your business, Cenatron manages your business space.

Red Dot 2014
Cenatron wins prestigigious Red Dot Award. Innovation gains populairity around the world.
Cenatron scales new height of product design in 2014. Cenastand aquires the world-renowned Red Dot Design Award.

The Red Dot Design Award, on of the most influential international product design prizes, was founded by the Design Zentrum Nordheun Westgalen in Germany in 1955.


Gumbite is your young and fresh partner when it comes to making your living and work space clean and organized. Simply put, Gumbite products make life easier and more fun. Gumbite’s pratical and ergonomic solutions are the perfect companion to everyone using smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops. Whether you are at home, at work or on the road, you can always rely on Gumbite.


BIGBANG Products provide you with a big bang to get noticed at major sport events around the world. You want your brand to make an everlasting impact on the public? BIGBANG Products is the answer you are looking for. Just stick your name on our fun gadgets. Successful products like the Minihorn and the Wavecape and faithful clients as Coca Cola constantly prove that the authentic BIGBANG Products are made for sportive success.

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Fashion and functionality are forever bound together in Fedaboa. This luxurious yet surprisingly affordable brand of belts was originated in 2007. Fedaboa finds its inspiration in the original belts used by pearl divers. Fedaboa transferred this authentic look into fashion-forward accessories that are guaranteed to make you stand out in a chic and colorful way.


Top-of-the-line holographic technologies to help athletes improve their performance are the core of Balance 3000. The products of Balance 3000 are all designed and developed with input from professionals within the sports industry. Both the bracelets as the key chains are based on the firm belief that optimizing the natural energy flow of your body also optimizes your life.