Founded in 2006, BIGBANG International made an immediate impact within the promotional products industry. Winning products like the Minihorn, the Wavecape and the Samballoon were featured at World Cups, Eurocups, Olympic Games, and many other popular sport events all around the world. Due to this success, BIGBANG International’s reputation for fun and innovative products grew and the company has been successfully inventing and creating new items for the promotional industry ever since.

Today BIGBANG International is a dynamic and innovative company that develops, produces and markets free gifts, gadgets and office appliances, both commissioned and through own brands. Through this combination, BIGBANG International serves the promotional industry with an ongoing stream of creative, innovative and customized designs that cater to each and every need. Fortune 500 clients such as Coca Cola, Unilever and Pringles already discovered our promotional power; since the FIFA World Cup of 2006, Coca Cola has been faithful to BIGBANG International and its products.

BIGBANG International with it's headquarter in Eindhoven, the Netherlands and additional offices in the Far East in Hong Kong and Shenzhen. In Eindhoven, a creative team of 6 designers constantly develops new concepts and designs. In China, a team of 4 manage the entire production process from design to shipment. To guarantee continuity and quality, BIGBANG International cooperates with loyal and reliable production partners. A reliability that you will discover in every product we create.


BIGBANG International aims to be a creative force that develops affordable, innovative and trendy accessories that enhance the lifestyle of people all around the world.


BIGBANG International strives to create meaningful brands for an energetic audience in a world without boundaries. We develop products by connecting global resources and we distribute and promote these products through all contemporary channels available. The people at BigBang International globally develop our designs in a diverse environment where there is the utmost care for a sustainable society.

BIGBANG International creates value for its shareholders and all other stakeholders. We continuously accomplish this through growing our company in a sustainable and profitable manner.